Drawer Pulls – Some Refreshing Ideas

Looking to really mix things up in your house? There has been a major drive for people to be more creative in recent years. That goes beyond taking the time to learn how to do a little painting or drawing. Many want to show off their creativity by adding artistic touches to their homes.

While you may not be at the level where you want to do a major job on the whole house and start a massive painting project, you can start small and personalize some of the accents in your house like drawer pulls and knobs.

When you think about drawer pulls, you may not think about too much impressive. Those are just there to help you open the drawers and close them, right? Well, sure they can be just that. But they can also be much more if you give them a chance.

Here’s a look at some of the possible unique ways you can make new drawer pulls in your home.

Adding to Existing Pulls

If you have pulls that are made of a simple and rather plain material, you may be able to use that as your canvas. Many pulls are made of wood or plastic and are a solid color.

If you have a little painting prowess, you can turn these into new designs with your own hands.

Not a painter? Never fear, there are other ways to decorate as well. Small pieces of tile or glass can be attached to the front of the pull in a mosaic style. One thing to keep in mind if this is your plan is to make sure that the items you use on the pulls are not sharp edged as they can cut your hands as you try to use the drawers.

Handy with cloth? You can decorate your pulls and make them softer to the touch at the same time by adding fabric with designs to the handle or even crocheting or embroidering a piece to slip over the pull.

Making New Pulls

Another option is to create something completely new that can take on the roll of drawer pulls or knobs. This will take a little more thought and creativity, but can pay off in spades.

Have a nature theme going in your home? Why not add a little nature to your drawers? If you can find old pieces of driftwood or dried branches from a beloved tree in your backyard, these may take on a new life as pulls for your chest of drawers. It’s easier than you think. You can either use the base of your old drawer pulls and attach the new pieces to them or measure the screw holes that were in the old pulls and drill new holes in the wood at the right distance apart. Then just screw them in place and use.

In this respect, you can use whatever you think of as drawer pulls including old trinkets that you are willing to sacrifice with a drill hole to make it take on a new role.

The key to mixing up your hardware is to enjoy it and have fun while fine-tuning your creative look.