Different Types Of Door Hardware

Every homeowner wants their home to be protected from intruders. One of the most important layers of protection in order to keep intruders out of your home is the type of locks you choose for your entrance doors. Talk to a locksmith about the best type of door hardware for your home.

Many people, instead of relying on just one lock, choose to install a couple different types of door hardware and locks on their front door. A keyed entrance lock is a popular choice for front and back doors. Keyed entrance doors have a knob on the outside and inside, or a knob on one side and a lever on the other. The outside lock may be activated by a key on the outside or a turn or bush button on the inside lever that locks the door from the inside. In addition, you can get keyed entrance locks with inside levers that are free, meaning they will open the door from the inside even if the outside knob is locked. These types of doorknobs are often paired with a single cylinder deadbolt. A single cylinder deadbolt is a keyed on the outside with a thumb turn on the interior to lock or unlock from inside. The outside key released the deadbolt and turns the thumb turn on the inside to unlock the door.

These are very common in residential homes. However, a homeowner may choose to pair the keyed entrance knob with a double cylinder deadbolt. Instead of having a thumb turn on the inside, double cylinder deadbolts have key slots on both sides. Talk to a locksmith about which is best for you.